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We specialize in quality Website Design across South Africa and more.   Our services range from Website Design, Social Media Start-up, Script Development in order to automate certain tasks in IT Environments, IT Support whether it be on-site or remotely, Business Analytics to help you grow your business and focus on key problem areas which may be negatively impacting the performance of your business.  We arrange Domain Hosting on behalf of our clients with the best Hosting Service Providers in South Africa.

We include proper user training documentation with all our Website Design Packages as part of our quality service to our customers.  This enables you to manage and make changes to your website, easily and effectively.  We can also manage your website on a monthly basis for a small charge, which gives our customers peace of mind that they can contact us anytime, request a change and be assured that those changes will be implemented effectively.

Social Media Start-Up packages are also available for customers who want to have a better Social Media presence.  This service entails social media pages representing your company / product / brand which is then also linked to your Facebook Profile so that you still have full control over what happens.

In most IT Environments a need will present itself where some tasks need to be automated on a scheduled basis.  With our scripting development packages, we can assist your business with those requirements.  Whether it be monitoring servers, hard drive space, copying files to backup locations, etc.  We can do it.

We also provide IT Support on-site and remotely.  On-Site support needs to be arranged in advance as it would need to happen after-hours or over weekends.  Remote Support is available at any time.

Business Analytics Services are available in order to enable Businesses to effectively manage their Production Efficiency, Human Resources, Sales as well as other factors as required.

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